Sunday, December 20, 2009

Survival France Kit --as in "How I have thus far..."

Number 1: Black Tea with Honey in my adorable cup I got from Paris

Number 2: Lindt Noir Mousse au Chocolat that also happens to have a strangely good-looking, very blue-eyed chef offering you a spoonful of moose. I've gone through so many packets of this, it's only a matter of time before I have chocolate skin. Actually, that would solve some of my problems. No more worries about blushing...or sunburns.

Number 3: Since my iPod had amnesia and decided to delete all my songs, Deezer saved my life when I need me some Neko Case in my ears.

Number 4: Oh my, this one is a doozey. Skype to see and talk to my family and my friends, especially this cute, pretty lady underneath....

Number 5: The Daily Beast-- I'm an International Affairs major. I must keep current on politics...and pop culture. BIG FAT STORY

Number 6: Sparkling Water

Number 7: Harry Potter in French

Number 8: Anthropologie Candles that Ali smuggled in the country for me

Number 9- Arrested Development, my most reliable coping mechanism

Number 10- Gewurztraminer

Number 11: A cute 'ole Arizonian named Christine

...and most recently...Number 12: watching How I Met Your Mother (ah) on an illegal website that, oddly enough, the lady above gave to me

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