Saturday, September 26, 2009

Chuck Close at The Frist Center

Passport Smiles visited the exhibit at The Frist Center of Chuck Close Prints, Process and Collaboration. (The photos of Kate and Brad were not featured...I just like them).

It ran from June 26- Septemeber 13, 2009, and Passport Smiles decided to show up on the last weekend after she had spent way to much time at Urban Outfitters, leaving only one hour to see the genius of Chuck Close and his collaborators. The process to make his prints was revealed to be extremely and painfully slow and meticulous. Passport Smiles was astonished, and, although she has always liked Chuck Close since she saw one of his painting in NYC, this gave her an even deeper appreciation. She also loves his raw, exposing-all-flaws-and- beauty-photography. Brad Pitt seems to agree, as he hand- picked Close to do the shoot for W. The photo of Kate Moss was also taken for the September 2003 issue of W.

This picture below of Lucas/ Rug was a work featured at The Frist. And, yes, it was a rug! Passport Smiles found it both mystifying and horrifying. The colors, rhythm, and movements makes Lucas look like a one of those crazy, evil Russians featured in movies. Perhaps, The Saint? Not really sure, but whatever it is, the madness of it all made it one of Passport's favorite.

Centre Pompidou- Niki de Saint Phalle

So, during my 5 weeks in Paris, I finally went to the modern art museum, Centre Pompidou, when I was in despair-type stupor. I spent nearly 7 hours there, by myself, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Needless to say, my perspective on the day changed. The exhibits on Level 4 offered pieces by women artists. The first painting I saw was one of Niki de Saint Phalle's Shooting Paintings, as they call it.

"(From shooting painting consisted of a wooden base board on which containers of paint were laid, then covered with plaster. The painting was then raised and de Saint Phalle would shoot at it with a .22 caliber rifle. The bullets penetrated paint containers, which spilled their contents over the painting."

As an painter who often feels quite reserved and repressed, this idea resonated with represented such a new form of expression in art, to convery the anger and frustration. I remember hearing on the headset I was listening to that she said she felt such joy and release while shooting the paintings. In another quote, she said, "Why did I give up the shooting after only two years? I felt like a drug addict. After a shoot-out I felt completely stoned. I became hooked on this macabre yet joyous ritual."

Tempus Fugit


Passport Smiles has not blogged in almost 2 years, and she has had so much to blog about. She just got so overwhelmed...taking in so much with school, life, culture and actually fulfilling her blogger name. Yes, that's right. Passport Smiles went to Paris, and it was life changing. In 3 days she will return to Franceland and remain there for at least 7 months! She has also graduated college, however, without the pomp and circumstance. Maybe she will be more dedicated to her blog, maybe she won't. There's just so damn much to catch up much fashion, music, books and movies, and good TV, oh the TV! Reading NYLON, W, and Vogue sure can get a girl overwhelmed on what to write about. It's all just so beautiful and interesting. These pictures above will try to catch up with some pictures of stuff Passport Smiles has loved these past few years.
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