Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kodachrome Thursday: Hana Pesut

Hana Pesut's photography is awesome, and her "switcheroo" series is catching attention:

...but she also has a lot of other great photography. Check her website out for more. I found out about her via BOOOOOOOM!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WAH-WAH-Wednesday: "I Need a Kamera"

A better camera is something I need quite badly to get better photos. But until then... I will leave you with this one outfit post pic:
"I need a camera to my eye
To my eye, reminding
Which lies I have been hiding
which echoes belong
I've counted out days
to see how far
I've driven in the dark
with echoes in my heart"

Outfit Details:
1) Black tank dress: H&M
2) Black, lacy bloomers: H&M
3) Coffee Bean Cardigan: Vintage, Goodwill
4) Tortoise-Shell belt: Vintage Chez My Momma
5) Purple Purse: Revival Boutique
6) Bohemia/ Kentucky Derby Black Hat: Some Boutique years ago when I was in high school
7) Coconut Platform Wedged heels: TJ MAXX
In a related note, here's a great 30 Rock quote:
""Why is it that NBC looks about as diverse as a Wilco concert?"

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Taken last week in Nashville, these photos bear witness to the cool front that came into the city. Curly-haired, fair-skinned girls like me jump at the opportunity to take a vacation from the heat and humidity and bring out the pants and long-sleeves.
Yet, I'm actually in Owensboro, KY right now, staying with my Aunt after making a day trip up to Lexington, KY to search for apartments.   
I will be moving up there in August to go to grad school for French. 
So, this summer, I've been in 100% Sarah chill mode, anticipating the hyper-productivity that I will soon be living in a few months.

So, if you don't mind, I gotta leave you with this outfit post and get back to my chill-fest in Owensboro, KY. Toodle-loo!

Outfit Details:
1) Vintage Cream Blouse: Southern Thrift: Nashville, Tn
2) Black Cigarette Ankle Zip-up Pants: The Gap
3) Coconut Platform Wedged Heels: TJ Maxx
4) Fedora Straw-hat: Street Vendor in Paris
5) Triangle Silver earrings: Vintage Chez My Momma
6/7) Brass Bangle and Silver Cuff: Vintage Chez My Momma
8) Bullhorn Bolo Tie: Boutique in Paris, France (2010)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

For this Father's day, I decided to get a little creative and resourceful with the wrapping.
 Fort the wrapping, I ripped out pictures from an old magazine;, and then for the bow, I used the jean fabric left-overs from when I made cut offs the other day (another do-it-yourself project).
 Then I added a little Sanrio Badtz Maru stationary that I found from when I was in 6th grade, because Dad and I share a common love for Badtz Maru.

Dad said that the wrapping and Sanrio character meant the same or more to him than the actual gift. SUCCESS! Happy Father's Day!
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