Saturday, September 25, 2010

Local Honey Fashion Show

Hmm...I'm a bad blogger. I am posting an event that took place a week ago. In combination with work and  and wanting to watch The IT Crowd when I get off work, I have postponed this blog.  Alright,  self-reprimanding preface aside, I will get to the event.
Last Sunday, my friend Victoria (photo-left) was in town before she flew back home to Germany. She's been on this blog before, as I spent Christmas with her family in Bavaria. See here.  I tried to make her 36 hours in Nashville as eventful as possbile, so we went to this fashion show of Local Honey, my favorite vintage store (click here). The show displayed a combination of vintage pieces from the store and a new men's line by
T &P that is selling at Local Honey. "Tidwell & Perryman" combine hand-picked vintage items with their own flare to the clothes. Click here to see more of their line.
gif animator online

Funny Anecdote: When I walked into the show, I saw a girl wearing the same dress as me (see 1st picture, right). I always get compliments on this Anthropologie dress, but I've never seen anyone else wearing it. So, I planned to walk up to the girl and say something like, "Hey, I hate your dress," but she disappeared. A few minutes later, Victoria realized she'd changed into another dress! I thought it was hilarious. Would you change into another outfit with the same scenario?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Andrea Wan and her badass illustrations

Andrea Wan is an illustrator and visual designer based out of Vancouver. Visit her site for more badass illustrations. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"The Golden Age of Couture"

In my last Nashville post, I said that I went to the Frist's exhibit of "The Golden Age of Couture." I was unable, of course, to take any photos of the exhibit. So, I googled the photography displayed that I loved.
Here's my favorites
Regina Relang

Cecil Beaton:
Richard Avedon:

Irving Penn:
Frank Horvat:

So, you an see why I was impressed.

Friday, September 10, 2010


My friend Whintey aka "Whitners" came to visit me in Nashville a few days before my Cali-Colorado trip. We met at college in Kentucky; she's from Louisville, but is currently living in Chicago. So, I gave her a run for her money, taking her to all my favorite places. Plus, it gave me an excuse to go to all my favorite places. Along the way, I discovered a few new things as well. So, are you ready for another super long travel blog-post? Good. Here it goes:

Place Number one: Virago
Great for: Sushi and swanky atmosphere
I loved: "the bomb" roll and a great seaweed salad

Place Number two: Bongo Java
Great for: the BEST coffee in Nashville, lattes, atmosphere and hipster-spotting
Funny quote I overheard: 
   Female Worker: "I can't find the   
   person who ordered the panini. What does  
   he/she look like?"
   Barista: "He had dark thick-rimmed glasses 
   and wore brown cowboy-boots with a  
   Female worker: "That describes every   
   customer here."

Place number three: Fat Straw
Great for: BUBBLE TEA! 
I loved: Mango, Fruit Black Tea with the tapioca bubbles
Place Number Four: The Frist Museum. 
Great For: Manageable but satisfying exhibits, a good little cafe, and a gift shop. Plus, it's in a great location.
We Saw: "The Golden Age of Couture: Paris and London 1947-1957"
I loved: Photographs in the Vogues from this period, especially Irving Penn's

Place Number Five: The Cheekwood Gardens
Great For: The beautiful gardens, the old mansion and its Nashville history, a great touristy stop and a romantic spot at night.
I loved: This current exhibit, "Chihuly at Cheekwood." It was literally one of the best exhibits I have EVER seen. Look up Chihuly's amazing glass sculptures for more.

We look scared...oh so very scared.

Place Number Six: Sunset Grill
Great For: Late night menu, half-priced bottles of wine, great art on the walls, innovative menu
I loved/ always love: The Habanero Bread Pudding

Place Number Seven: Burger Up
Great For: Creative Burgers, Southern flair to food, cute waiters
I loved: the fried pickles, sweet potato fries, the DELCIOUS salad (see pics)
Bad for: Vegetarians 

Place Number Eight: Las Paletas (a Nashville Favorite)
Great For: Delicious, homemade, creative popsicles. Plus, it's next door to Burger Up.

Place Number Nine: Imogene & Willie
Great For: EVERYTHING IT DOES (especially, of course, The jeans); a craving to experience  Americana {the good kind, not that harped-on type that John Mellencamp uses}; a knowledgeable and passionate staff (connoisseurs of everything jean); the quest for "the perfect pair"
I bought: The Imogene.

Place Number Ten: Local Honey
Great For: Affordable, hand-picked Vintage. Awesome boots. Also, it supports local fashion designers and artists
I loved/ always love: The local fashion designers and the jewelry

Place number eleven: My house
Great For: relaxation, food, family and THE DOGS

Now...back to Imogene & Willie: I bought/ was convinced to buy a pair of jeans. I am in NO WAY, shape or form a "jeans girl." My body shape prefers skirts and dresses. In addition, I bought the jean model that has no spandex; the jean must be worn month after month to be broken in and form to your body shape. I quote from the Nashville Scene's article on the store, 
"Stiff as cardboard and just as rough, nightfall-hued and intriguingly plain, they proffer a kind of mythic status: raw, highly fetishized, 9-to-12-ounce selvedge denim, based on a postwar design and made on vintage shuttle looms in either Japan or in North Carolina...Meant to be often worn but seldom washed, the raw denim becomes a second skin, every scuff and scrape a badge of constant wear."
So, I will report back on this blog whether the myth of these expensive jeans is, in fact, truth for a gal like me. So far, I have no complaints (in just one week, they feel so much better!) Plus, they were cutely wrapped in this package:

Here they are on Day 1:

I will keep you posted on the progress of this obstinate pair.

To conclude this massive Nashville post, I will quote some apropos song lyrics, as I so often do. It's called "Tennessee" by The Silver Jews:

We're gonna live in Nashville and I'll make a career
Out of writing sad songs and getting paid by the tear

Marry me and leave Kentucky
Come to Tennessee
'Cause you're the only ten I see
You're the only ten I see

I've looked through offices and honky-tonks for men man enough to be...
Mr. and Mrs. Tennessee
Mr. and Mrs. Tennessee
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