Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tempus Fugit


Passport Smiles has not blogged in almost 2 years, and she has had so much to blog about. She just got so overwhelmed...taking in so much with school, life, culture and actually fulfilling her blogger name. Yes, that's right. Passport Smiles went to Paris, and it was life changing. In 3 days she will return to Franceland and remain there for at least 7 months! She has also graduated college, however, without the pomp and circumstance. Maybe she will be more dedicated to her blog, maybe she won't. There's just so damn much to catch up much fashion, music, books and movies, and good TV, oh the TV! Reading NYLON, W, and Vogue sure can get a girl overwhelmed on what to write about. It's all just so beautiful and interesting. These pictures above will try to catch up with some pictures of stuff Passport Smiles has loved these past few years.

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