About Moi

1) Hi, I'm Sarah. My middle name is Hart. So my website is sarahhartsu.blogspot.com. Cute, ya?
2) I'm from Nashville
3) I lurv to learn about languages and culture and travel. I lurved it so much that I majored in International Affairs.
4) After college, I taught English for 7 mths in Sarrebourg, France and then again for 6 months in Forbach, France.
5) I became committed to blogger about January 2010, and there's no turning back.
6)  My most consistent passion throughout my life has been fashion. Other than people, I think I love it more than anything else.
7) Next, I love music, livin' in the Music City. Makes you feel alive, you know?
8) The Graduate and The Royal Tenenbaums influenced my life.
9) I watch either an Arrested Development or 30 Rock episode each night before I go to bed. Like a sleeping pill, if you will.
10) I'm a painter. Yet, painting often is not a priority. Here are some of my paintings:

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