Sunday, November 28, 2010

Le Dimanche au Musée: Dan Witz

I have decided to christen my Sunday blog posts as "Le Dimanche au Musée (Sundays at the museum)"...that is the vast museum of the internet. Therefore, my Sunday blog posts will consist of my current art crushes.

Today, I'm crushing on Dan Witz.
 Cell phones...
Mo. 2010. 36 x 28". oil and digital media on canvas
May. 2010. 26 x 20". oil and digital media on canvas
Nadeen. 2010. 26 x 20". oil and mixed media on canvas
Natasha 2007 18x14"
Elizabeth. 2007. 18 x 13". oil and digital media on canvas

...And Moshpits:
70 commercial street. 2010 middle size. 40x54
70 commercial street. small. 34x36
Lotus Lounge big 2010. 51x57
Mosh Pit 2001 oil on canvas 48 x 46
Sapphire Lounge II 2008 49x49" oil and mixed media on canvas. 
Lotus Lounge 2008 26x32" oil and mixed media on canvas. 
Grand Central Station 2007
 Found via BOOOOOOOMMM!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Turn and face the strain... Ch-ch-Changes"

HOT DAMN, it has been a long time since I last blogged!

So yes, let's diagnose this prolonged absence as a blogger's coma, induced by heavy multi-cultural baggage and language barriers. And/or prolonged by...
  1. NO internet in our apartment, even though we bought a contract over 3 weeks ago.
  2. Lack of inspiration
  3. Side effects of adjusting to a new life in a new town, culture and country (Forbach, France).
I had many doubts about returning to France as an English assistant this time around. Yet, even with those doubts, I expected my second year as an English assistant to be like a Sophomore year in college. You know...the blinding-excitement and naiveté of a Freshman has been tamed. Instead, a certain self-assurance takes over, something you earned after one year in school. You no longer assume you will be best friends with some Freshman you just met (or my case, a native-English speaker). You partly envy Freshman, but simultaneously realize how silly you looked, as you can pick a Freshman out of a crowd (or in my case, American).

 (side note; these are the only photos I have of me since I arrived. They were taken at La Tour du Schlossberg in Forbach)

Well, yes, those things are generally true this time around. I am familiar with the country and the region (Lorraine). I am a bit better with the French language (though, that is not saying much). However, lost in this metaphor, I forgot something crucial about Sophomore year: IT IS STILL NEW... a new semester, a new schedule, new professors...a lot that is unfamiliar. So, this is where I arrive today in France. Although, it is my second year to teach English, I am in a NEW town, NEW school, with NEW roommates. Therefore, I am struggling adjusting. I am not exactly LOVIN' IT (or C'est tout ce que j'aime as the  MacDo slogan goes in France). In fact, most days, I feel defeated. However...I still get to eat good cheese, chocolate, and drink good wine. Plus, I will go to Paris this weekend for a birthday gift to myself. Oh yes, Paris, the best elixir in France for homesick wounds and cultural clashes.

Anywho, these photos might be a little boring, but here are pictures from my "new life in France":
My tiny room...
 Barely any clothes...
Making my own subs instead of buying Jersey Mike's or Subway:

Lunches at the school cafeteria instead of going out to eat. Also, they serve alcohol to the teachers during lunch. Hilarious!
Coffee in a café instead of on-the-go lattés.
 A delicious treat from one of the two times I have eaten at a restaurant...

One of my best friends in France...
Mooching Wifi at the café, since we still do not have internet in the apartment...
And the town of Forbach...

Well, I will keep you posted... Hope it will not be another 20 days til I see you again! On verra...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

France vs. the USA

I found this adorable blog, Paris vs New York, and I had to share it with you. Although geared towards the comparison of the two cities, I believe these cultural differences extend past the city limits of both countries. 

Le café:

La Romantique:

Le pain:


la façade:

le réalisateur (the director):

le surnom (nickname):

 les vieux:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Enfin, Je suis en France

After many months of wait, delayed paperwork and a blinding breakdown the day before I left, 
I have arrived in France.

 No, Toto. We're not in Tennessee anymore.

Yes, Passport Smiles readers, I am embarking on another year of teaching English. This time, in another petite town called Forbach, where the closest big city is just 15 minutes Germany! I've been here only two days and do not start my job until next Monday. However, Passport Smiles readers, all 10 of you, I do not have Internet set-up yet in my apartment. Therefore, blog posts will be a bit delayed. I know, I know. You are thinking, "Sarah, how will I survive?" And my 24 years of obtained sagesse would reply,
"Just act like you did before you found my blog. That advice plus a lot of drugs...and loads of alcohol.
You will be swell, just swell."

Outfit details:
1) Shirt (le chemisier): thrifted, Southern Thrift in Nashville
2) Skirt (la jupe): Vero Moda
3) Sunglasses (les lunettes de soleil): Clothing Exchange, Hillsboro Village, Nashville
4) Boots (les bottes): André
5) Fur coat (le manteau de fourrure): Clothing Exchange, Hillsboro Village, Nashville

Location of photos:
Natchez Trace Bridge, Nashville. Photographed by lil' sis on the day before I left for France.

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