Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PASSPORTiche: Leaving on a Jetplane...

Yes,  call me cliche Clara if you want, as I just quoted the song that everyone in the world quotes when they are leaving, well, on a jetplane. But, it's almost 1 am in Paris, France, I must be up in 4 hours and I cannot think of a more obscure, profound song to quote. So, there you have it, and here we are folks. I have completed my 6 mths in France as an English assistant, and I will be going home!!!! ....back to my home country, home town, home everything.
 (source: Yeoh Gh)
(Photo source)
 (photo: "Freedom Loading" by devgupta)

 (map: luvtut)
(photo: Doug Dubois)
Where I will switch back to the green:
 (source: "Cash Rules Everything Around Me" )
...and I am super pumped and ready to get back; but before all of that, it will be a good-ole-fashioned miracle if I can get all my baggage through without being overweight.
(Picture: Pac(k)man by David Schwen
...fingers crossed! Will update y'all with more later...See ya on the flip side. Central time. Toodle-loo.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


TWO DAYS AGO,  I got word that I was accepted to University of Kentucky's Masters program for French! So, needless to say, I was and still am very happy.  Therefore, in a few months, I will be moving to Lexington, Kentucky to become a wildcat...
But for now, I am going to run with this collegiate theme and finally post vintage photos that have been sitting in my blogger-draft for 8 months now. Prep is in and a new fad is fascination with Ivy style and collegiate looks. Therefore, all of these photos have been circulating around the blogosphere. First here we have photos from TAKE IVY, a book by the Japanese photographer T.Hayashida that released in Japan in the 1960s (Japan was fascinated by American Ivy League style):
Then, I have photos from the Vasser College Flickr Achives that I found via Miss Moss. This is what I envision  when my grandma tells stories about her all-girl school college days at Steven's in Missouri.

Lastly, I have photos from the Poughkeepsie Regatta Intercollegiate Rowing Association which I found through a lovely blog by a French guy obssessed with American prep style, Green Sleeves to the Ground

So there you have it. Some collegiate news followed by collegiate vintage photos and style!
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