Saturday, September 25, 2010

Local Honey Fashion Show

Hmm...I'm a bad blogger. I am posting an event that took place a week ago. In combination with work and  and wanting to watch The IT Crowd when I get off work, I have postponed this blog.  Alright,  self-reprimanding preface aside, I will get to the event.
Last Sunday, my friend Victoria (photo-left) was in town before she flew back home to Germany. She's been on this blog before, as I spent Christmas with her family in Bavaria. See here.  I tried to make her 36 hours in Nashville as eventful as possbile, so we went to this fashion show of Local Honey, my favorite vintage store (click here). The show displayed a combination of vintage pieces from the store and a new men's line by
T &P that is selling at Local Honey. "Tidwell & Perryman" combine hand-picked vintage items with their own flare to the clothes. Click here to see more of their line.
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Funny Anecdote: When I walked into the show, I saw a girl wearing the same dress as me (see 1st picture, right). I always get compliments on this Anthropologie dress, but I've never seen anyone else wearing it. So, I planned to walk up to the girl and say something like, "Hey, I hate your dress," but she disappeared. A few minutes later, Victoria realized she'd changed into another dress! I thought it was hilarious. Would you change into another outfit with the same scenario?


  1. girl, I missed your blog presence!
    I checked craigslist MC, just in case, but no dice.
    Also haaahaha the girl who changed. Did she bring a spare dress just for the occasion? If it were me I'd just try to rock it harder and avoid the other girl.

  2. I don't really think I'd care if someone was wearing the same dress as me. and it is such a pretty dress :) xxx


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