Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Inspiration Nation: This is Spinal Tap

Ah, This is Spinal Tap. This movie I hold dear to my heart and "fat bottom" , as I saw it during those crucial teenage years when your humor and style are being shaped. So, for that, this film is forever on a pedestal. Yet, there's a lot of fashionable inspiration to be taken from this movie, especially from the hilariously terrible Yoko Ono of the movie: Jeanine. Unfortunately, I couldn't get many great shots. All were taken while the film was rolling, but you get the picture. You see her messy Rod-Stewart hair, colorful makeup, cowboy-indian flair mixed with tight nylon pants, excessive amounts of jewelry. 
Feathers. One piece jumpers. Can you ask for anything more?

In addition to Jeannie, I must mention Nigel  and David who wore ironic Tshirts and Sweatesrs way before The Flight of the Concords or Urban Outfitters got ahold of 'em.

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