Saturday, December 19, 2009

Baby it's froid outside.

Having been down in the nostalgic dumps lately, I woke up today to a winter wonderland, but, despite my enduring love for snow, my cultural supremacist, brooding mood remained. And an extremely kind and spunky english teacher named Melanie, who I just figured out today is my age (high five!), saved me from my sorrows and took me back with her to Nancy today to show me around. It was a rough, long journey, as it was extremely cold outside (I don't know how the russians do it), and the trains were delayed because someone, supposedly, tried to commit suicide again. So we had to kill time, no pun intended, at the train station. But we eventually arrived with rosy cheeks and numb filangies.

In place Stanislas:

After finally arriving and filling our bellies, we made it to the Musee des beaux-arts de Nancy which had the exposition of Beauties and Monsters:

Basically, there are both inside of everyone. It just depends on how you look at it...

Then I did some shopping... I don't like pink, but I couldn't resist the extremely warm "Hello Kitty" socks when it's freezing outside

...Then back on the train...

...and into the snow

And I almost forgot, at the museum, I discovered an artist that I really like who comes from the Lorraine region: Emile Friant...And here is my souvenir above from him: Les Amoreux

 sum up, my day with Melanie lifted my spirits. Plus listening to Mermaid Avenue, drinking tea, and a hot shower helped.

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