Sunday, October 3, 2010

Passport Frowns Turned Upside Down


(outfit details= headband: Camaieu; top: Forever 21; skirt: Zara; belt: thrifted; boots: André; purse: Longchamp; necklace: my own combination).

Originally I aimed for the cliché (but necessary) season-changing fashion post. When I realized that my outfit wasn't autumn-esque and that I bought most of it in France, I decided on another theme: France! Oh yeah, that little thing.  I'm returning to France as an English teacher for another year. If you remember my Wanderlusty post, you knew that  my passport has been frowning lately, but, ahem, I guess that 'ole thing will be living up to my blog name again in a few weeks.

Since I am about to return to France after a 5 month hiatus in the USA, I thought it apropos to repost this list that I posted in April last year while I was living there. I must say, during these months back home, I have relished all these things  (especially Netflix).  Ah the comforts of USA!

Sadly, to coincide with the news of my departure, just today, the US released a travel alert for Americans in Europe, especially those in France. Like I wasn't not scared enough already... MERDE!


  1. stay safe! i'm so excited for you! have a blast!
    oh and i love your outfit, it's so cute!

  2. i love your lace top! Really cute outfit. Have a great time in France :)

  3. That's so exciting!!

    Your outfit is absolutely adorable. :)


  4. hehehe!! from usa you miss mexican food? how is that?

    I love your boots!!

  5. This is a cute and sultry outfit! And I wouldn't worry about that warning... they just hadn't made a warning in a while so thought they would shake things up a bit. Where you're going to be I highly doubt there will be any problems!


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