Monday, February 14, 2011

Be Mine

 (picture found via MILK--one of my favorite blogs)
(Snoop Dogg and McD's found via Baubauhaus, another fav)

Notes about Valentine's Day in France:
1) It's only meant for couples; therefore, it's not celebrated in elementary schools like it is in the USA. No Valentine's Day decorated boxes for cards and candy.
2) The Valentine's Candy hearts don't exist. I should've asked someone to ship them over for class.
3) French people don't use XOXOXO to express kisses and hugs. Who would've known?

Tomorrow, I will make my students create "friendly" Valentine's cards. I think it will work with the 6th graders, but I doubt it will work with any grade that's older. The risk of vulgarity is too strong.


  1. This is a very cute post!

    Have a look at my blog, im doing a giveaway.

  2. I love these Franco-phile posts! Seriously, they're awesome. I hope the Valentines go over well!

  3. absolutely love this post! merci for the french tip....adorable blog too xx


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