Monday, February 28, 2011


So, super Passport Smiles style (train-train-bus-flight-bus-train), I'm going to Stockholm, Sweden. Currently, I'm sitting in the Frankfurt-Hahn airport, waiting for my late flight. I have February vacation with my school in France, so...I'm off! Well, I can trace my desire to go to Sweden to when I was studying Swedish society and politics in my International Studies major, because, well, it represents somewhat of a utopia. Yet, my cultural fascination really plays the role, by giving it that extra oomph. So here are just a few of my favorites from Sweden:

1) Ingmar Bergman (film):

 2) Jens Lekman (music):

3) Sandra and Elsa (Blogs): These two girls make me wish I had a fabulously fashionable Swedish life to document. Note to self: find super hip group of friends, buy good camera, move to Stockholm.
Niotillfem (aka Sandra--even though she's now living in New York City instead of Stockholm)
and Elsa Billgren:

And finally, my want to see Stockholm was further ignited by the "Sweden" Episode of Anthony Bourdain's series, No much so I think I had to journal about it while sitting in my cute little apartment in Murray, Kentucky during my Senior year of college (I hadn't been abroad then and doubted it would ever happen). So, the fact that I am finally about to go to Stockholm really means a lot to me. I wish I could go back to that doubtful-wanderlusting 23-year old and assure her it would happen. Okay, all that to say, last night, to pump myself for the trip like a good all locker-room speech before the game, I rewatched Anthony Bourdain while simultaneously bringing a little somethin' from home: sweet potato fries with horseradish sauce (a Nashville, Tennessee specialty, Fido style). YUM!

And since I haven't updated with a photo in a I am from last night, exhausted while prepping for my big trip...

And after Stockholm I will go to Copenhagen, Denmark. I hope to continue to blog along the way, but I make no promises. Woops, gotta go...don't want to miss the flight. A plus!


  1. HAVE A FABULOUS TIME!!! Stockholm is amazing, the people are so nice (and beautiful) you will have a blast, I can't wait to hear of your adventure!

  2. Have a blast!
    Make every moment awesome! You'll fill us in upon return!

  3. how exciting! Bourdain's No Reservation always makes me want to pack my bag and go. Have a fun trip!

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  5. I have never seen any Bourdain films, i'll be ILLing that soon. You and those sweet tater fries look amazin! I may be going to the grocery soon. Horseradish tastes great on everything. Wish I was there with you so much, you have no idea. Stockholm is my dream city. You're going to have a fabulous time! Can't wait to hear from you.


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