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Post Scandinavia Part II: Copenhagen

I LOVED Copenhagen. It's definitely added to the top of my favorite cities list (along with Paris, London and Vienna). I really adored the style and danish design. But the fashion was so incredible. Really progressive. More progressive than most places, yet somehow minimalistic and classic at the same time. I claimed that London was my fashion-city-soul mate. Well Copenhagen is my out-of-my-league-fashion-city-crush. I was droolling over their fashion-sense and stores. Well get to that on another post perhaps. For now, I'll just show you my pictures:

2nd Journey: Copenhagen
Longevity: March 5th-March 9th.
Location: I stayed in Vanlose in an adorable apartment with a friend of a friend, Nikolai
One Word: "Hyggeligt" (rhymes with google it):  again, this is an untranslatable word, but the closest English translation is "cozy." This coziness translates into many cafes providing blankets. Also candlelite is a big thing and tea drinking! Basically just picture yourself curled up by the fire, with candle-light and a blanket, drinking hot cocao. That's hyggeligt


These were the murals @ Abercrombie & Fitch. HILARIOUS EXPERIENCE seeing all these stylish Copenhagenites (?) go crazy for this story. Or,  maybe they were tourists.

Blankets provided at the cafe: 
An Alsatian restaurant in Stockholm!
Blockbuster is alive and well in the state of least until Netflix comes:
These are cake purses, by the way, and when I was taking a picture, the guy looked in the shop looked at me like I was pitiful. I was thinking, "What the hell do you expect putting a Louis-Vuitton/ Versace cake purse in the window?!?!?"

Without the flash/ with the flash, I couldn't capture the ambiance. Need a new camera, stat!

Again, without the flash/ with it. Her tea glass was a bit too hot. Kitchen mittens were needed.

On the night train from Copenhagen to Frankfurt. Never take a night train!! As I said before, I feel like I should get a girl-scout patch for surviving that trip. Also, I should've remembered the advice of my friend, Phil during his European travels. Here's me, sad, on top of the bunk bed: 

But, I made it home in one piece!
Favorite Experiences:
1) Pizza and wine dinner with Nikolai, Katrine and Pernille.
2) Walking around all the shoe shops. Drooling over the boots. Finally buying another pair of boots.
3) Trying to avoid the metro controls after not buying tickets. It worked until the 750 kroner fine. 
4) The 6 euro espresso at a cafe @ Nordhavn. Basking in the sun, reading a book with a blanket. 
5) Eating Danish Hot Dogs. 4 in total, I believe.
6) Drinking Danish chocolate milk.
7) Walking past a gym and seeing way too many attractive, blond young people. It looked like an exercise infomercial.
8) The Danish Greetings and language. "Hej" for hello, and "hej, hej" for goodbye. So cute. Also, I forgot, it's the same in Swedish, "Hej" is pronounced like "Hey." My grandmother always used to respond "Hay is for horses" when I said "hey." Now, I can reply, "Hey (hej) is also for Swedes!"
9) Hyggeligt and everything that came along with it.
10) Watching "Get Him to the Greek" with Nikolai
11) Biking from Vanlose to Christania (see below) with only a bike map, the hippie island where they had a drug market going in daylight (also see picture below). Little kiosks and everything. 
(Christiana photo taken from my friend Kelsey, when she was visiting Copenhagen this past summer).
12) Self-guided walking tour that left my ass totally frozen.
13) The knitting party at Katrine and Pernille's apartment that just turned into a lasagna/ wine/ girls chatting party (see pictures above).
14) Going to Kaffe Kalaset with Katrine and drinking the best apple juice. Plus, the guy working their was quite the cutey.
15) People watching. Especially the fashionable bikers.
16) Explaining the "awkward turtle" to the girls at the "knitting party." The turtle is arriving in Denmark five years after the trend!
17)Can I just answer everything? I really loved Copenhagen.  There's no way this post can do this city or trip justice. You just gotta go!


  1. great to see images of your trip, the image of the archways is rather beautiful

  2. thanks for nice comment
    +you need to post more;) xx

  3. Beautiful places, you made me wanna go to Stockholm!!


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