Friday, April 30, 2010

London is my city-fashion-soulmate.

I am convinced that London is my fashion soul-mate and the best city in the world (that I have visited) to find affordable and unique clothing. The keywords are affordable and unique, because you can always go to an H&M or Topshop or TJMaxx, but London offers boutiques supporting local, independent designers.  Plus, there are endless amazing vintage shops. Also, on the streets of London, you find endless inspiration, as one can see on the street style websites like FaceHunter (photos above).

Here is a list of the shops that I heart that I stumbled upon my week in London.
1) The Laden Showroom: 03 Brick Lane, London E1 6SE:
This place is amazing. 'Nuf said. It's supports and promotes multiple young, independent fashion designers, and it's affordable!

2) THE LAZY ONES, 102, Sclater st. E& 6HR London
This was my other favorite local designer shop that is so cheap for what you get. The label is called Des Moines, and it is very close to The Laden Showroom.

3) Luna & Curious: 198 Brick Lane E1
This shop is also very close to the two listed above. It is perfect to find unique jewelry and tea pots. They had wishbone necklaces, earrings made from beetle wings and paper eyelashes as you can see below.

4) Jessie and Buddug: 146 Columbia Rd, London E2 7RG
Now this one is difficult to find, because it is upstairs, above Marcus and Trump. and it is only opened on weekends. 
Otherwise, you must schedule an appointment, but it is defintiely worth it!!! It is the most adorable, whimsical shop I have seen. Go there on Sunday so you get the flower market and delcious hummus bagels as well on Columbia Rd.
I was on a mission to find the tea cup necklaces, because tea is my drug and these are too cute for words.
5) Paper Dress Vintage:114-116 Curtain Road London EC2A 3AH
Great vintage store with a little tea room and good cakes.
So, now you see why London is my fashion soulmate? I have many more, but I really must go pack my bags to head back to the USA! Toodle-loo!


  1. it is such an amazing place, i lived there briefly for a job. i remember going to luna and circus, i also remember having to be very careful not to knock anything over

  2. ha - I see you mainly stayed in the east end. London is my favourite city in the world too - I think the fashion there is amazing. Once exams and stuff finish I will definitely go check out some of the shops you've posted on here :) xxx

  3. Lovely post honey, fantastic store picks!


  4. this is a fantastic post, i'm going to add this to my travel favourites for the next time i visit london.

  5. oh, such a great list! the nautical themed group picture is soo cute! and the paper eyelashes are so intriguing. if only i live close by...

  6. This is such a great post!

    Need to get myself down to london for some proper shopping!

    Thanks for this

    Char x

  7. P.S your cardi at the top is just amazing !!!

    Char x

  8. Great stuff! I haven't been over to London yet, but I'm hoping I can go real soon! I've bookmarked this post so I can be sure to hunt down these stores, I'm loving that Dress store sign, and who wouldn't want Peonies Eyelashes that's awesome!!

    New York City is my fashion city soul mate!

  9. I agree with this 100% london is fashion perfect for me too!

    Have a safe journey back!!!

  10. Also...I went to the Charlotte back in March, made my own vacation, I had a sorority sisters wedding to be in, plus did my taxes too. Right now I'm in Lille all the way up North. Where are you again bc if we could meet up sometime that would be great! I will def be returning at the end of September I'm job searching right now and hopin to find something in NYC..fingers really really crossed!

  11. Yes, I totally get it! Very cute pictures! Haven't, seen your blog before. I really like it, so I will start following from now on :)


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