Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Weekend Escape

This is a story about a weekend of a girl...a girl living in France...a girl who recently has been submereged dans la merde...a girl whose string of  recent disasters [caused both by her own maladroit actions and by uncontrollable forces] could be visualized as a cartoon character, hovered by an ominous, unforgivable cloud...or be classified as Pink-Panther-esque...the Pink Panther with Peter Sellers (not that Steve Martin merde) due to her clumsy nature. So, this girl had enough and was ready to curl up in her the metaphorical womb of her room and recoil from the world, and force herself to study for the GRE...but this girl's uneventful plans were then intercepted by friends, beer and travelling [but above all, friends]. It all started in Forbach (the town where the girl lives)  with a couple of beers, Lisanne, her guest Johannes, nature and posed photography:  

 ...Then, Friday, the girl and Lisanne and Johannes somewhat spontaneously decided to take the party to Metz...a city that the girl only knew by daylight...with her credit card and greedy eyes, roaming the shops...yet this day, this day in Metz was perfect...and the girl crossed bridges (literally and perhaps metaphorically) that she never crossed before in Metz...this girl got to see a more complete Metz, a more beautiful Metz...and the girl felt refreshed and reborn...she was reminded of why she came to France...

...then, Saturday, the girl continued a spontaneous weekend...pushing herself to do something out of the ordinary: commit to another night, girl then hesitantly left the beautiful, sunny Saturday in Metz to go to Verdun [a city she has always wanted to go to for the history] to meet up with many other English assitants...and the sun followed her there and she was very happy. 


 Then, Sunday, just outside of Verdun, the girl and the group decided to go zorbring and acrobranching...yes, so the girl indeed ended up going outside of her box to then find herself in a ball while actually having quite a rolling down a hill strapped inside...and before that, she found herself flying from tree to tree suspended in the air with acrobranching. So the new experiences rendered the girl very content. Very content.

'Twas a good weekend indeed. And even though the girl went right back in the merde and the cloud returned when she left her beautiful Nikes on the bus on the way home, the girl was happy to have such a good weekend...even if she is back in Forbach, the "butt-crack of France" la merde...again...BUT, the girl knows a new weekend soon approaches...and the girl senses it will be a good one ...and she feels that her proverbial-cartoon cloud will soon part...

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  1. haha this is perfect. this whole post. the photos, your writing, everything. also, that looks insanely fun (the rolling around in a ball).


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