Monday, April 11, 2011

Stress Release

Stress is a bummer. Unfortunately, I know it oh too well, as I often get myself in a tizzy over relatively petty circumstances and consequently become "tight as a banjo string." If you've been doing your Passport Smiles homework, you will notice that I have mentioned in previous posts feeling a bit overwhelmed and off my rocker. This is mostly due to the fact that  I'm in a state of transition where the  near  future (in less than 2 weeks) is completely unknown. [Sarah never handles these types of situations gracefully]. I am currently in a state of waiting...waiting to hear from University for grad school, waiting on a response from Paris, waiting on myself to make decision, and Waiting for Godot.*  As a result, I feel a bit off balance...
*(I only alluded to this play because I took a French surrealism class in college and added it here to seem smart)

 So, in the midst of all this anticipation and nervousness, it's necessary to find a way to cope with these emotions. In the circles above, you will find my  primary ways of coping during the last month or so: tea, tea, This American Life podcasts and running--(I mentioned tea twice for a reason). Yet, as of recent, since the sun has shown it's face and the days are a lot longer in this part of France, I've found another way to blow of steam: a beer+sunset+the park+Lisanne. As you can see, we actin' like fools:

Feel free to share your ways of coping with stressful times!


  1. I know how you feel - I'm organising my year abroad atm and nothing's sorted yet and it begins in less than six months!! It's terrifying. On the other hand, I love love love Samuel Beckett!! x

  2. awww I love your sense of humor..hehe..lovely outfit!

    ps. I would like to invite you to the first giveaway on blog!



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