Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I ain't bashful, I'm from Nashville: Part I

 Born 'n raised in the Music City, I'm a Nashville gal by roots, but I've had very non-committal, summer romances with the city since 2006. I'm always coming and going when the sun is shining between school semesters and living abroad. Yet, each time I come back, I swear, Nashville gets hipper and hipper with new restaurants and fun places to go. Well, I'm about to continue my pattern of lovin' and leavin' Nashville again in a week....EEKK! I will be moving to Lexington, KY for grad school. So, before I go, I realized that I wanted to check out a few of those fun places that Nashville has to offer as well as some city staples that I never have been to. Therefore, I created an"I ain't Bashful, I'm from Nashville" Bucket List. [I got that phrase from a painting in Loveless Cafe, and decided to adopt it (despite the fact that I can be quite bashful--but we'll just overlook that aspect)]. So, I want to share a few of those experiences with you. A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to cross off two of those lovely places on the list that happened to be right next to each other in East Nashville: 

 First we have The Silly Goose (1888 Eastland Ave):

Newly redone, Silly Goose's interior and atmosphere is creatively rustic and unique in an approachable way. The silverware is served in these bright red handkerchiefs and the delicious homemade teas are served in Mason Jars. We drank the Citrus, Mint & Ginger Green Tea. Very refreshing.

SO, meet my partner-in-crime Sarah Helen, one of my bff's who is much more of a Nashvillian than me, despite the fact she wasn't born here. Sarah Helen and I met almost 6 years ago making gelato together when she first moved from Mississippi.

For an appetizer, we shared the Mexico City Couscous: "Red chili couscous, grilled chicken, poblano peppers, cilantro, goat cheese, mango, and lime juice"

For the main dish, I chose The Sailor Sandwich: "Grilled eggplant, roasted red pepper, avocado, basil, arugula, lemon-kalamata olive aioli on grilled ciabatta." See more of their menu here.

So, this is me, awkwardly happy to eat this new sandwich:

 After lunch, we conveniently hopped on over next door to Jeni's (1892 Eastland Avenue). Jeni's just opened up about a month ago in Nashville. It's a chain, but damn, it's good! I had to include it on this post, despite it's non-locality.

Just look at all these inventive flavors:

"Hey, do you guys wanna go on a double date with us?"
I ate the Sweet Corn and Black Raspberries mixed with The Queen City Cayenne. Yum yum.

High school posed pic:

We Sarahs also admired the decorations and set up of the place: church pews; marble topped tables, faux milk-jug lights. We basically want to be Jeni. See more about the ice cream chain here.
So wohooo! I've already checked 2 off the bucket list. Not much time left, but I try my darndest to post more from  the "I ain't Bashful, I'm from Nashville" Bucket List.


  1. Aaaah that food looks so good!! I'm still so sad we didn't get to meet up while I was there.. I'll have to visit you in Lexington! I also definitely have to plan a trip back to Nashville. I really fell in love with that town! It's one of the few cities I've visited that I feel I could live in. :)

  2. the food looks good and i totally gotta hit up this place one day! love the photos!

    visiting from Whit's blog! loved the necklaces you two came up with!

  3. Hi, lady! I just came across your site while wandering around Blogger and had to comment.

    I love your writing/blogging aesthetic - these photos are gorg. I love Nashville!

    Following! I'm excited to get to know you/your blog. :)


  4. I loved reading this! I moved to Nashville less than a year ago (for grad school) and L-O-V-E Silly Goose. I'm bummed you're moving away. I would have loved more Nashville posts.

  5. the ice cream place looks top notch, great decorations


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