Sunday, August 7, 2011

Le Dimanche au Musée: Oreo Cameos

I'm a big fan of oreos and a big fan of cameos. Judith G. Klausner was brilliant enough to combine those two goodies together to create art. Here are her Oreo Cameo's:
Go to her website to view more of her work and to see her statement. As she puts it, "I revel in minutiae. I hope to share the joy this brings me." Not to worry, Judith. The joy has been shared, and it's as delicious as it is clever.


  1. That. Is. Amazing. Also I discovered strawberry flavoured oreos in China which are like the best things ever xx

  2. edible cameos no way! such and good and original idea, best thing i've seen in a while. ahh glad your a I&W fan and you know the area and store well. it just feels so american and carefree, i'd love to live over there


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