Sunday, February 14, 2010


I see more posts on blogs about how much Valentine's Day sucks. I mean Valentine's day can be pretty lame, but I don't see what all the fuss is about. If you are single, why should such a silly day make you feel depressed about it? I just take it for what it is. Kind of like how Magnetic Fields cheekily took love songs for what they are and dedicated a huge album to the subject (the best work ever done about love):

So, I don't feel any bitter sentiments towards the day.For me, it is a sweet holiday about love in general. I would receive gifts from my parents, and my mom and dad would give each of us 3 girls a little something special. Like a huge Hershey's bar. Or an easel.

So, the holiday is a cute one for me. Here are some pictures that make me smile.
This is a new French brand, obviously a play on the word "couples." Just saw the new store in Paris.
They advertise with real couples who have been together "depuis..." (since...). Usually the couples are young, and haven't been together very long. Except this one:
Despite their age, it's young love. They have been together for only 2 years.
On the contrary...we have this couple:
Next, again on the contrary, or perhaps ironically (because of the tabloids), we have this couple. Breakup or no breakup, I always will adore these photos. Call me what you want...

 Love can be a beast...

or deathly...
  Or it can be like a bizarre fairy-tale:
Well despite which way you see love...
Happy Valentine's!! Or as Liz Lemon put it, "Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day to you Evelyn. A Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day to us all!"  (the famed American suffragette whose b-day is February 14th.)

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