Friday, February 5, 2010

Ya know, Pandas 'n Stuff

So, Gary nicknamed me "Panda Bear." I guess it's because I'm pale and have dark circles.

And maybe, possibly, because I'm cute and cuddly (please say yes!)? He might never forgive me for posting this picture, because it's kinda silly, but also cute.

And then I watched this video about Tai Shan, who is sadly leaving to go back to China:

Basically, Panda's only eat bamboo and sleep. Because bamboo doesn't give them much energy, they have to conserve energy as much as possible by taking naps. So eating for a couple hours, sleeping for a couple of hours throughout the 24 hour period. So, Uh, where do I sign up?! I will even get this costume:

Or maybe the bear sleeping bag will work?!?
So, back to the point, I am also like a Panda Bear, because I pretty much am like this:

I wish I could wear this at all times. To nap anywhere.

When musing on whether I should take yoga classes, my parents responded that if I get any more laid back, I might fall into a coma. On this speedometer, I would place at the Turtle.

On somedays, I'm even the snail.
When I was a little girl, it took me forever to get out of the car. On leg out, pause, the next leg out, pause.


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