Monday, April 5, 2010

M's Final Week

So this is my roommate's last week before she returns to Germany. Today was our final "trip" together, as we went to the neighboring town of Lunéville to visit a fellow colleague. This photo was taken in the "Jardins des Bosquets" next to the Château de Lunéville.
And because I have been jumping on the fashion blogger-bandwagon (conformism--a dictator's dream!) by posting outfit pictures, I will show you these fabulously goofy pictures of me in my pretty new outfit.  

[shirt= H and M; skirt=Zara; Boots=Andre; Earrings=Pangaea in Nashville, TN; scarf=Urban Outfitters; leggings and white jacket=Forever 21]

But then I will steer back to my original topic: the end of our time in France as language assistants.  Yesterday, my roommate heard me blabbing about things that I have missed from the USA. They go as follows:

My roommate then responded, "I think we are spoiled that we can't even go one day without stores being open." "Good Point," I said, which then made me realize that's what I like about France--less stress, less working hours, more relaxation. Then she asked, "Well, what do you think you will miss about France?"  I will be better equipped to answer that question after I return to the USA and experience reverse culture shock. However, I will attempt to answer it ahead of time:
I just realized the above image is hard to read. I will clarify number 5: "Being 45 minutes away by train from 3 great cities" and number 7: "Being within two hours of 3 countries." HOT-DIGGIDY-DAWG! Ain't that great for a girl whose blog is titled "Passport Smiles" ? I can answer that for you and say, "HESS YESS! It has been wonderful living in France!"

P.S.= I realize that most of the things I like/miss can be summed up as people, food, drink and shopping. Yes, I really am that simple (nice way to say boring).


  1. Love the floral top! I found your lists insightful, sounds like something I need to do. I'm getting used to shops being open all the time; where else can you go to H&M on Easter Sunday?

  2. I love outfit posts! Keep 'em coming.

  3. Thats brilliant, such a good idea, I am leaving melbourne soon to go back to ireland so will have to do my own list :) although it might solely revolve around food ;) Wow, teaching english in france must have been amazing, would love to do that!

  4. dont go bbaaaaaaaaaaaack !! :))
    you make me sad with this post..
    this summer i'll have to make one similar ç_ç

    au revoir..

  5. I feel ya! Lived in Nantes for a year in my undergrad and it was so hard to go home... enjoy it!

    I'm having a contest by-the-by:


  6. aww it's nice to hear you've had a good time!! My year abroad is in about a year and a half - I have to split time between a french speaking country and a german speaking one. Am incredibly tempted atm to go somewhere exotic like martinique or réunion and be a language assistant, or else to work in paris or in nice or somewhere. God, it's gonna be so exciting!! (Have to pass this year first though :P) xx


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