Thursday, April 29, 2010

Paris in the Springtime

Anna had never been to Paris before, and we only had one day to do everything. Therefore, I was "obliged" to give her un grand tour de Paris, if you will. Although I had been to these touristic spots before, nothing was the same. There was something brilliant to find in every corner. Paris never lets you down.
Among my favorite was this French couple in Montmartre, getting their portrait done for their 60th (ish) anniversary. It was ADORABLE. I couldn't have been happier at that moment, watching them.
Then we walked a little further and caught this beautiful Opera singer. Although snobby to admit, I haven't been impressed by many of the street preformers before in Paris, because I am spoiled living in Nashville. Yet this girl brought tears to my eyes.
And her friend had the most kick-ass shoes! She designed them herself on Nike's website (yes, I had to ask). They say right and left. Added to my Wishlisht!

In Montmartre, we climbed down the hill to find some grub and immediately came across Chicken Family. We bought a whole chicken (way too much) and some sides, walked to a neighborhood park and awkwardly chowed down like cavemen at a Southern Church picnic, while mothers watched their kids on the playground. Later, Anna found chicken skin in her new, fabulous ring from Esprit de Femme. DISGUSTING. My father responded to this news, "Yummy...chicken finger."

The picture below is from the park. Notice the building. It embodies the melange of old and new that Paris is all about.

My other favorite part of Paris was finally going to Laduree.It's a Parisian specialty where they have the best Macaroons. Mmmm, mmmm where they delicious, and gluten-free Anna was finally able to eat a delcious dessert from Paris!

Another thing we discovered was something our couchsurfing host recommend: this little treasure below, LeJardin du Palais Royal.
Before we got to Le Jardin du Palais Royal, we went through this fabulous little string of shops on le Pas d. Panoramas. So many niche little boutiques and such to see!
Oh and this next photo in the Jardins des Tuileries, I was in heaven. The panda inside me could've stayed here all day relaxing. But there was site seeing to do!
I want this Moped. Add it to the Wishlisht!
Another great performer in the St. Michel Metro exit:
I don't know if they've have these "lightning-fast" hand dryers in the USA or not, but the first one I saw was in Germany.

The entire day, Anna could not stop singing the song "I Love Paris" by Cole Porter:
I love Paris in the springtime.
I love Paris in the fall.
I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles,
I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles. 
The lyrics are quite apropos to my situation, because, after this trip, I have officially experienced Paris in every season!Yet, I think Springtime is my favorite.


  1. When I went to Paris in March we stayed in the Montmartre, and it was so gorgeous! I did the whole touristy bit, too...Paris was fantastic. Of course, I butchered the language. The Sacre Couer

    I'm learning Italian with a Swiss accent, and there are little very "Swiss" words, but it's still very close to regular Italian, everybody in Italy can understand me, thank goodness...

    Thanks for the kind words.

  2. This makes me want to go to Paris SO BAD

  3. how fun! I need to visit again soon.

    OH and I learned some french though college classes, films (I'm a big french cinema fan) and a french computer program I have. I wish I had a little more time to devote to becoming fluent!


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