Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Turn and face the strain... Ch-ch-Changes"

HOT DAMN, it has been a long time since I last blogged!

So yes, let's diagnose this prolonged absence as a blogger's coma, induced by heavy multi-cultural baggage and language barriers. And/or prolonged by...
  1. NO internet in our apartment, even though we bought a contract over 3 weeks ago.
  2. Lack of inspiration
  3. Side effects of adjusting to a new life in a new town, culture and country (Forbach, France).
I had many doubts about returning to France as an English assistant this time around. Yet, even with those doubts, I expected my second year as an English assistant to be like a Sophomore year in college. You know...the blinding-excitement and naiveté of a Freshman has been tamed. Instead, a certain self-assurance takes over, something you earned after one year in school. You no longer assume you will be best friends with some Freshman you just met (or my case, a native-English speaker). You partly envy Freshman, but simultaneously realize how silly you looked, as you can pick a Freshman out of a crowd (or in my case, American).

 (side note; these are the only photos I have of me since I arrived. They were taken at La Tour du Schlossberg in Forbach)

Well, yes, those things are generally true this time around. I am familiar with the country and the region (Lorraine). I am a bit better with the French language (though, that is not saying much). However, lost in this metaphor, I forgot something crucial about Sophomore year: IT IS STILL NEW... a new semester, a new schedule, new professors...a lot that is unfamiliar. So, this is where I arrive today in France. Although, it is my second year to teach English, I am in a NEW town, NEW school, with NEW roommates. Therefore, I am struggling adjusting. I am not exactly LOVIN' IT (or C'est tout ce que j'aime as the  MacDo slogan goes in France). In fact, most days, I feel defeated. However...I still get to eat good cheese, chocolate, and drink good wine. Plus, I will go to Paris this weekend for a birthday gift to myself. Oh yes, Paris, the best elixir in France for homesick wounds and cultural clashes.

Anywho, these photos might be a little boring, but here are pictures from my "new life in France":
My tiny room...
 Barely any clothes...
Making my own subs instead of buying Jersey Mike's or Subway:

Lunches at the school cafeteria instead of going out to eat. Also, they serve alcohol to the teachers during lunch. Hilarious!
Coffee in a café instead of on-the-go lattés.
 A delicious treat from one of the two times I have eaten at a restaurant...

One of my best friends in France...
Mooching Wifi at the café, since we still do not have internet in the apartment...
And the town of Forbach...

Well, I will keep you posted... Hope it will not be another 20 days til I see you again! On verra...


  1. YOU'RE ALIVE! It's so good to hear from you again. You look so adorable in these photos (so european! :D ) Sorry that it's been tough so far, hopefully it will improve soon & your internet will start working cuz I miss your blog. (: Anyways, your photos make me hungry.

  2. I'm glad you're back to blogging! I am sorry that you are having a rough start to being back...your town looks very cute! I must agree with the above comment: those photographs have made my hungry! Good luck with getting internet, and the language barrier will only get easier! :)

  3. Hopefully things improve for you, moving is so tough! I moved from Australia to Canada and even though the language is the same, things were so different so I can't imagine how things are for you! I like your outfit :) Keep your chin up :)

  4. ahhh, blog posts from sarah! i just saw today something new and then realized i was totally behind! at least now i get to spend my mid morning/early afternoon catching up. miss you dear. can't wait to hear about paris. you are beautiful and i love your photos and your writing. i can hear you when i read it...


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