Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Enfin, Je suis en France

After many months of wait, delayed paperwork and a blinding breakdown the day before I left, 
I have arrived in France.

 No, Toto. We're not in Tennessee anymore.

Yes, Passport Smiles readers, I am embarking on another year of teaching English. This time, in another petite town called Forbach, where the closest big city is just 15 minutes Germany! I've been here only two days and do not start my job until next Monday. However, Passport Smiles readers, all 10 of you, I do not have Internet set-up yet in my apartment. Therefore, blog posts will be a bit delayed. I know, I know. You are thinking, "Sarah, how will I survive?" And my 24 years of obtained sagesse would reply,
"Just act like you did before you found my blog. That advice plus a lot of drugs...and loads of alcohol.
You will be swell, just swell."

Outfit details:
1) Shirt (le chemisier): thrifted, Southern Thrift in Nashville
2) Skirt (la jupe): Vero Moda
3) Sunglasses (les lunettes de soleil): Clothing Exchange, Hillsboro Village, Nashville
4) Boots (les bottes): André
5) Fur coat (le manteau de fourrure): Clothing Exchange, Hillsboro Village, Nashville

Location of photos:
Natchez Trace Bridge, Nashville. Photographed by lil' sis on the day before I left for France.


  1. woah! France! I can't wait to see more pictures. Also you're looking totally lovely in the first photo.

  2. SO COOL! Honestly I'm wicked jealous- I would love to live in France. Every time I visit I fall more in love.

    These pictures are so gorgeous & I especially love the one with the street signs. You. are. just. the. coolest. P:

    I will patiently await your return to the blogosphere... JUST HURRY!

  3. Ah you are right on the border of France and Germany! That is so amazing...

    Good luck with obtaining Internet...also, I love this fur coat, it's marvelous.

  4. Hello! I'm so happy to've found a fellow Tennessean too. I'm located in the backwoods of East TN, and I see you're in Nashville. I'd say we're about 4 hours apart. And yes, we are indeed rare in the blogosphere! Just from browsing your blog, I already love it- you have stellar style and are so beautiful. :) And having been to France myself, I'm excited to read about your experience there. Have a lovely day!

    Whitney, a la Ladywolf

  5. love this, AMAZING! your blog is really cute.


  6. your outfit is very interesting, but great! i love the lipstick!


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