Thursday, January 14, 2010

FOUND! Cultural Comforts

FOUND! Les Soldes (the sales). RUN RUN! GET IT WHILE IT LAS

Dancing to "Reptillia" by The Strokes

FOUND! My own Cowboy...grâce à Anna for sending the gift for my bday. As she said, "Everyone needs a cowboy in their life"

--one leg grew faster than the other. But, apparently one of JFK's leg was 3/4 of an inch shorter that the other one as well. So don't worry Cowboy Cody, you can still go places in life.

--continuing on the topic of things intended for children:
FOUND! CANDY STAND in Le Grand Frais

FOUND! Missed Connections by Sophie Blackwall.

FOUND! A new TV show to watch on the internet.

Here's to the show Greek for making me regret the fact that I didn't join a sorority. Am I taking stupid pills again or something? As Elizabeth responded, "What?!?! Sarah, there's always something about you that doesn't make sense." BUT, I think it's an accurate depiction of college life in the US. In addition, Clark Duke's performance as a neo-conservative, southern-baptist is worth the watch.

--"Since when did ambition become such a bad thing?"
--"I think in the 80's"

Here's to
Whip It! for making me miss the USA with a tear in the eye. It came to France and it's called Bliss.

And I went all the way to Nancy to see it by myself on Monday. Such a perfect day. Reasons why this movie was a delight:
1) set in Texas and truly depicts the small-town life
2) it's a Drew Barrymore film, whom I like ever since My Date with Drew
3) fellow Nashvillian Landon Pigg
4) Juliette Lewis and Marcia Gay Harden
5) good soundtrack
6) Alia Shawcat's debut since Arrested Development
7) Andrew Wilson who enters the film driving a convertible, top down, blasting the Wilson Phillips. Plus he wears cut-offs the entire time.
8) and of course, it's about badass chicks! to Paris. Gotta snooze before.

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