Saturday, January 23, 2010


Vincent Moon is the Dude. He created LABLOGOTEQUE.COM which has "les concerts a emporter" or "take-away shows." I obviously knew he had great taste in music, but I must say that I was surprised and thrilled to see that his latest concert ordered "To-go" was with Josh Rouse, a former Nashvillian, because Josh Rouse is not very well-known, as Vincent notes in "Presque Parfait" or "Nearly Perfect. In this article (which is only written in French), Vincent wishes that pop-rock radio would play his beautiful songs and wonders why such a talent has "a faithful but small fan-base." But on the same token, he fears that grand-success might ruin Josh Rouse's perfection. Vincent goes on to describe Josh's music : "What does Josh Rouse not have ? He has it all, as they say. Songs perfectly sharpened, rousing melodies just as needed...a production in perfect equilibrium superior to the stupid songs played on the radio, a familiar and warm-hearted voice."

He then recommends the album 1972 over Nashville, even though Nashville got him through spring 2005, his season of heartbreak. Ruthie Sayles introduced me to Josh in 2004 with his album 1972. I was smitten by this album:

Please check this out:,5240. It's so beautiful and it's filmed in Spain.

Josh Rouse - Oh, look what the sun did / Duerde Mobila - A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

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