Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Hilarious Nightmare

So, my Dad had a "nightmare" last week, and my sisters and I thought it was too hilarious to not document  So, I will recreate what he told to me...

So, Dad was walking Ali through the woods, just like any normal day.

Then, he found himself at the top of a hill.

At the bottom of the hill, sat his Rav 4. So, he walked down to see who was inside.

But, replace Ali with Ludacris. And if you know my Dad, you know how ludicrous it is that Ludarcis appeared in his dream.

After being surprised at who was found in his car, he then realized a gun was in his hand. Dad proceeded to shoot Ludacris in the shoulder, the left thigh and the right thigh (these were very specific instructions).(Disclaimer: my Dad has no hateful feelings towards Ludacris. In fact, he is completely indifferent to the rapper).
He thought, "What have I done? I just shot Ludacris! I must find Ali and run back home!"
Next, he is overwhelmed with confusion, regret and guilt, thinking "What have I done? I have tried to be a good man my whole life..."
He has even been nicknamed the "spiritual ninja."
"...And after all that, I will go to jail because I killed a rapper!! What am I going to do? They are going to take my family away from me," he worried.
"And I will go to jail!"
Just when he thought his life was over, he woke up! So relieved that he, in fact, had not shot Ludacris in the shoulder and both thighs. PHEW!

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