Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nostalgia: Sight
This Christmas, Vicky's little cousin received Playmobil, which I learned was German, and I had a huge flashback. In my old Playmobil house lives some of the best memories of my life. Then I discovered the Playmobil archives on their website. Pure delight.

Nostalgia: Scent
So...everyone knows that scent is the biggest trigger of memory. Well, I found two of my intangible childhood scents captured in product form.

#1: The Capri Volcano candle found at Anthropologie.

...which reminds me of the best Snow Cone stand that has ever existed in the world. It was located in Murray, KY in the parking lot next to the old Zax. I would ride my bike there while vising my grandmothers' houses in the summer. The window would slide open, pouring out this delicious smell along with a cool, soothing breeze which contrasted to the overbearing heat.

#2: This cheap, French dishwasher liquid which reminds me of...
The Sanrio store that used to be in the Green Hills Mall in Nashville, TN! I would an hour intricately investigating each tiny object.

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