Saturday, April 3, 2010

Joyeuses Pâques!

Happy Easter! My memories of Easter are vast. I have very good ones associated with Easter egg hunts where I felt rich if I found an egg with $1 inside. I also have not-so-good memories of wearing itchy tights, hats and Nanny's hand-made, smock dresses for church on Easter Sunday. Afterward, we would go to Centennial Park (in Nashville, TN) and take pictures with all the red and yellow tulips. The rest of the memories are associated with baskets full of delicious Reese's eggs and MAC gift cards and spending time lounging with the fam. Enjoy these Easter-ish, pastel-y photos.

Credits: Galexie Andrews, Tec Petaja, Acido, Fifi Lapin, Wendy Bevan, The Cherry Blossom Girl. The rest found on Tumblr or FFFFound.


  1. always beautiful pictures!
    happy easter to you!

  2. That etch-a-sketch is extremely well done, oh my goodness. Also feelin' the chanel cupcakes!

  3. Love all the pictures, they are so cute!

  4. Happy easter! Love your selection of photos

  5. these pictures are all so charming, great finds! Having just finished off a creme egg, I feel (perhaps belatedly :P) very easter-y, and maybe slightly sick... xxx


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