Monday, July 5, 2010

"Etsy" Bitsy Spider: Store Update!

The ENTIRE month of July, I am offering 20 % off clothing items in my Etsy store! The discount is refunded after the transaction is done on Paypal.

Vintage "Girl on the Moon" Dress, Size XL: 

$25 originally; $20 with July discount

Vintage Liz Claiborne Silk Dress Size 8; 

$26.00; $20.80 with July discount

"Drive Madmen Madder" Vintage Dress: $22.00; $17.60 after discount

"I Love The Nightlife, I Like To Boogie" Vintage Dress SZ 10: $19; $15.20 after discount

Vintage Teal Blue Stretch Dress, SZ Large:

$20; $16 after discount

Vintage Cream Stretch Clasp Belt: $13.00

"Let Your Garden Grow" Skirt: $18; $14.40 after discount

Vintage Pure Silk Black Blouse SZ M: $16; $12.80

Vintage Red Polka Dot Dress SZ 12: $24; $19.20

Vintage Top Seed Tennis Sweater: $18; $ 14.40

Vintage Red Pinstripe Mini Mod Dress and Belt: $24.00; $19.20

Vintage Purple Haze Heels 7 1/2 W: $ 16.00

TAKE ME TO A HONKY TONK Vintage Cowboy Heels SZ 9: $22

"It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" Vintage Earrings: $8.00

Ha! So that's it for now, but more to come. Please excuse my cheesy car/ furniture SALE SALE presentation. I'm kinda cracking myself up thinking about me doing one of those horrible, local commercials. Me...horrendous early 90s haircut, bathing suit, in hot tub, low budget, bad acting: HOT TUB, now only $999!


  1. that's a pretty swish insentive, hope you sell a load

  2. Sarah, the clothes remind me of the old days and are beautiful. Gahging


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