Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Uglymely: Favorite Blogger Spotlight

Based out of Paris, Ugly Mely is one of my favorite bloggers or bloggeuse. Even if you can't understand French, the pictures of new "trends" or tendances will support themselves (sidetrack or "entre parenthèses": according to Garance Dore's recent post about banned words from fashion writing, "trends" or trendy is no longer trendy to say...but really, who the hell cares?).

Okay, back to UGLY MELY, this website was born in January 2009. She is particularly attracted to street style and  "les styles allant de la street à la haute couture en passant par la geek attitude." So basically, to translate more or less, she's a self-proclaimed cool hipster... but we still like her anyway.

She introduces new designers and fashion (especially accessories):
She also LOVES shoes, and she apparently corroborates with SHOES-UP, one of my favorite magazines I found while living in France. In fact, SHOES-UP is how I discovered her.

Ugly Mely also posts alotta novelty items that just so happen to exhibit some form of humor or irony.

I also love her pick of the litter for art...
 or julia chiang with ring pop art:
Ugly Mely wouldn't be complete without her photos from quirky soirées, activities or concerts around Paris like DEATH PETAL bike race, the Battle of Foosball...or, simply, when Jay-Z came to town.
 Alors, visit her website for more.


  1. I think Garance was being un peu sarcastic in that off-limits fashion words post ;)

    PS: my friend Nell has those bleeding heart aviators - I really wanted to steal them when she came to visit me back in the spring!

  2. this is wonderful - i had never heard of her. thanks!

  3. thanks so much for your comment. pretty cool stuff you got here. i am in love with those red zip up boots. and the sea of shoes. more power to you.

  4. wow many thanks for your words ! i really appreciate it !


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