Friday, July 2, 2010

Shop the past: Part 2

So, this is Shop The Past Part Deux...the cheapest way to shop: rummaging through your old stuff. This time, I rummaged through my mom's old stuff. Everything was hers minus my Vero Moda skirt, my floppy hat, and items in my Etsy shop. So here's what I found:
1) Striped onesie
2) gold-collared necklace
3) gold and black flower-charm necklace
4) Amazing gold and black rope belt with fish, coins, and other crazy stuff attached
5) vintage bracelets
6) My own floppy black hat from high school that I have never worn! Now it's time.

Then here is an Ann Klein bag from my Great-Grandmother who was quite a style icon. Then these are some black heels that completed a Sarah Palin costume 2 halloweens ago. They are a little too big for me, so they will be going in my Etsy shop. The navy blue and gold clover earrings are also in the shop!
Oh, and I've been inspired  by this photo here for makeup. So I recreated it myself with heavy black eyeliner and white eyeshadow...


  1. oh i just love that last photo of you in the hat!
    a very classic look...i love the wedges!

  2. great header as well! I want your stripe top! :)
    Happy 4th!

  3. great idea, i've been doing this of late as i have a lack of money. it really works!


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