Sunday, August 1, 2010

Don Draper and "Tobacco Road"

I have yet to really talk about my love for Mad Men on this blog. Probably because I have talked about it so much to everyone else with whom I've come in contact. I even got my grandmother into the show. (She stayed up way past her bedtime to watch the premier last week).

So here it goes, I just started watching the series this summer, and I fell in love. I'm usually only one for comedy series (30 Rock, Arrested Development anyone?) Yet, I feel like this series was made for me (and millions of other Americans apparently.)
So, where do I begin?

 The amazing fashion?

 Don Draper's "old Hollywood" good looks?

Joan's hourglass bod that has made me (and many other women, I presume) more comfy with my curvy figure? I mean she's the only one like this on television or movies for that matter!

Hmmm...we'll save those topics for another post.

Right now, I'm here to talk about Mad Men's amazing selection in music. Well, one song in particular: "Tobacco Road" by The Nashville Teens (albeit they aren't from the Music City). This song rolled during the credits of last weeks show (the season 4 premier). I pride myself on being pretty knowledgeable about oldies; however, I had never heard this one. The song was infectious, and the bass line and the drums were so memorable. Here is a video. Watch the lead singer; he's doing some crazy dance. Pretty hilarious.


Anyway, what's even more amazing than the song are the lyrics. They embody the character of Don Draper and his life. The fitting lyrics even more shows how accurate and down-to-the-smallest-detail this show is. Here are the lyrics; tell me if you agree.

I was born in a trunk.
Mama died and my daddy got drunk.
Left me here to die alone
in the middle of Tobacco Road.

Growin' up rusty shack,
all I had was hangin' on my back.
Only you know how I loathe
this place called Tobacco Road.

But it's home, the only life I ever known.
Only you know how I loathe Tobacco Road.

Gonna leave, get a job
with the help and the grace from above.
Save some money, get rich and old,
bring it back to Tobacco Road.

But it's home, the only life I ever known.
Only you know how I loathe Tobacco Road.

Bring that dynamite and a crane,
blow it up, start all over again.
Build a town, be proud to show.
Gives the name Tobacco Road


  1. I LOVE Mad Men too...have also been talking the ears off everyone I know about this amazing series.

  2. Mad Men (and True Blood, and I guess Seinfeld episodes) are the only shows I watch on TV these days!

    Hehe, and I take it you've already seen this?
    Smoking on Mad Men


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