Saturday, August 28, 2010

"What do you like best about your blog?"

Meg of don juan's reckless daughter (one of my favorite bloggers)
passed on a blogger award/question of sorts:
"What do you like best about your blog?"
Well, I have a multi-tiered answer. Also, my answers are fashion-centric (even though I have a travel-ish blog). So, I will use organized bullet-points to respond: 

  1. BLOGGING IS AN OUTLET: Blogging at it's purest keeps me sane and allows me to channel something I am passionate about into a concrete product. I blog to stay sane
  2. OPENING UP: Naturally, I'm a pretty shy and reserved person.  Blogging has given me an opportunity to open-up, and share a part of myself that before I would be terrified or too self-conscious to post (i.e. posting fashion pictures, or pictures of myself period). This is scary, but also challenging, and, as a result, a growing experience.

    3 things I have held dearly in my life are my journal, my quotebook(pictured above: a book of favorite quotes from novels, etc collaged with fashion editorials), and my fashion magazines. Blogging allows me to fuse those 3 things into one product. It saves so much time and space. I have an archive of my life and of fashion editorials that will not be lost or deleted from my computer. It's there to stay. And as I said in #2, these 3 things are no longer accomplished in isolation. Instead I share it with the world.
  4. THE COMMUNITY: I love the people I have been able to connect with solely through my blog (i.e. don juan's reckless daughter). 
  5. THE FASHION MISFITS: It's kind of a relief to find thousands of other people who are just as obsessed with fashion as you are. It's kinda like in high school or college when you find that niche group of friends that you fit in with. How good does that feel?!?
  6. THE POWER OF BLOGGING: Blogging has made fashion more democratic? Blogging diversifies the look of beauty and fashion. Blogging has taken the control of the market out of the hands of the few (fashion magazine editors, etc) and put it more in the hands of the people. HA! How freaking hilarious does that sound? But it's true! (This is not a manifesto, by the way).
  7. THE FEEDBACK AND VALIDATION: So, as I said in #2, you open up and are taking a chance: exposing yourself to the world. That's quite scary, so when you get feedback and validation, it feels so great instead of leaving you out there hanging. When someone tells me they genuinely love my blog or read it, I get quite a pep in my step and a sparkle in my eye. Also, the little comments are like receiving presents every day!
So now, I pass on this question to other favorite bloggers:
1) Elm Street Life
2) Explicit.Rex
3) Mousevox Vintage
4) res pulchrae
5) Rackk and Ruin


  1. Oh, gosh. This will be a hard one to answer! There's so much that I like!

  2. yeah, i agree with you. Blogging makes you feel better and connected.


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