Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Du Thé Anglais

I woke up with a hankering for tea à la anglaise yesterday. Now, I've already shouted my love for tea from the mountain tops of this blog.

Yet, this particular craving is quite odd as...
a) I never drink hot tea Stateside unless I'm sick
b) I only drank hot tea in France, because of the lack of ice for my usual iced tea (plus, it was fitting for the 
c) before and after I visited England, I never had tea with milk and sugar (til now)
d) it's nearly 100 degrees outside. With the humidity, it feels like Satan's den.

Yet, I jumped in the car to go to Publix, bought some Tetley, and voila...a cuppa...in my favorite tea cup, I might add.
And, then, I found a new favorite blogger (there isn't enough time in the day to share all of my favorite bloggers!!). The blog is VINTAGE IS THE NEW BLACK aka Noirohio:
 And guess what? How apropos to my a la anglaise topic? She's recently posted pictures of her travels to England with her sister and friend Casey. I feel in love with the pics. Mainly because they are so cute...
her caption: "cute boy. carrying a bottle of vodka. what?"

But what's even more neat-oh, she did a collage for Shark Week on the Discovery Channel:

To this collage, I'd like to add my favorite Eddie Borgo ring:

Alrighty, c'est tout. 'Til next time!

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  1. there's a whole lot of hot tea with milk and sugar at my house (a lot of coffee to though).
    PS: that blog is cool, thanks for sharing - now I just need a 28 hour day to keep up with all of these blogs!


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