Friday, August 13, 2010

Eddie Borgo, Sharks and Beetle Juice Part Deux

Eddie Borgo! Again? Yes, folks. It seems that I am obsessed with his jewelry. Last March, I posted (click here) some of my favorites from his Spring/Summer collection, which he said was inspired from the movie Beetle Juice! That won me over immediately, as it was a childhood favorite. Well alas, his fall/winter collection is now on his website, and the pieces seem even more directly inspired by Beetle Juice and sharks. What do you think? 

Beetle Juice: 

And Sharks:

Now, I want the Bear Trap Bangles to go with the Bear Trap Ring.
And here's a pic of Eddie Borgo above. Visit his website to see more of the new and past collections.

P.S.--the photos were found on, but they weren't credited. If you know any of the sources, let me know.


  1. where do you find all these sweet shark goodz?
    I love those teeth rings. I also love the photo of the shark masks. Awesome.

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  3. Sharks and Beetlejucie in one post! awesome. :)

    PS: I tagged you (I know, I would never do such a thing but this one is interesting & easy) just answer the following: 'What do you like best about your blog?'my answer is here :)


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