Sunday, January 9, 2011

Catch me if you can...

LET'S PLAY CATCH UP, because, let's be honest. It's been a while. READY, SET, GO!

Okay, so back before memory get's a little jumbled:

Many days, I went to Saarbrücken, Germany for some nice strollin' and shoppin'.

I also went to look at super decked-out houses for the holidays in France...

Trier, Germany was also on the itinerary, two times. The first time was to meet other assistants... see Roman ruins...
...and drink Gluhwein (note to others: It's a lot stronger than vin chaud in France)

My second time in Trier was to see my roommate from last year (her college is in Trier)...

Then we had a shit-ton of snow in Forbach before Christmas...

Finally, on the 23rd, I left for Regensburg, Germany for Christmas again with the Heiss family. We visited the Christmas market which was at the old Castle of nobility (Schloss Thurn und Taxis). It was hands down the most beautiful Christmas market I'd seen. We ate a lot too...

On Christmas, I was at the Heiss' house. They were dog sitting for an English family who went back home for Christmas. So, the dog and I were the only ones who couldn't understand German. We bonded.

With the Heiss always eat and drink really well...

YUM! Then, the day after Christmas, I left for Vienna...
I stumbled across an Italian market on my way to Stephansplatz.

I bought some chocolate-coffee liqueur.

The next day, I just popped around some museums and saw the beautiful architecture of Vienna...

I sympathized with these poor guys...

I really fell in love with Vienna. It's really a mixture of my two favorite places: Paris and Bavaria. The culture is really similar to Bavaria, as it is right next door. They say Grüß Gott (Say hello to God) instead of Guten Tag. The culture reflects Paris, of course, in the architecture and the ambiance. It's more relaxed, their are hundreds of beautiful cafes and people hang out for hours: drinking their coffee for hours and smoking their cigarettes. There are also lovely chic shops tucked away in between the streets. There are so many museums and so much lovely art. I really adored it.

Here I am @ the Belvedere in Vienna. It was a palace that has now turned into a museum. It houses Gustav Klimt's most famous painting, The Kiss. Also, it has Jacques-Louis David's famous painting of Napoleon.


As a "gourmande," I had to visit the famous Demel; it's kinda like the Ladurée of Paris. Let me just tell you, it definitely did not disappoint. I had the punsch torte with a bizarre mix: white wine and black tea? I dunno, it was a winter specialty drink:

Me, at the Cathedral at Stephansplatz... a special photo request from my father.

Next, I was off to Bonn...or a village outside of Bonn, where my roommate is from. For New Years, we stayed in the city of Bonn and made some chocolate fondu...

After a calm few hours, we went down to the Rhine to watch fireworks. Let me just tell Germany, they take no precautions with fireworks on holidays. I hate it, actually...I am always scared for my life. One time, crazy-ass teenage boys shot a few at us, but we were quick enough to realize it and move.
Here Vera and I are at the Rhein:
After scary fireworks, we finished the night at a bar called Blow Up. They had good, cheap beer and lots of great American tunes. I never thought I would sing Lynard Skynard in Germany...
...but, to prove that I had a late night, here's before (Dec 31st, 2010):

...and here's after (January 1, 2011): EEKKK!

Well, vacation came to an end a week ago, but I still had the weekend. So, Friday, I went to Metz for the day. I did a lot of window shopping and saw Saint-Étienne, one of my favorite Cathedrals again...

Then I was off to one of my favorite cafes in Metz, White:

The next day (yesterday), I went to Zweibrucken to go to the huge outlet mall (looking for good deals on Burberry with crossed vain). While waiting for the bus, we walked into the center of town and stumbled upon their parade for the beginning of Karnival;
it was hilarious...and very loud...with fireworks, again!

I also found me a German man while I was there. Ah, if only he could be more expressive...

So, could you keep up? This blog post was definitely a feat and I'm quite exhausted.
Well, til text time, toodles!


  1. Nice catch up post! I have yet to go to Vienna, but it looks so amazing! Was the white wine and black tea combo delicious? I love holiday special drinks.

  2. You are so beautiful!
    And you look like you are having a great time! Glad to be able to catch up a bit!

  3. looks lovely!! posts like this make me look forward to my year abroad next year :) xx

  4. vienna sounds amazing!!!

    you were in BONN for new years eve?!?!? ive been there! its so lovely. thats the region i lived in all summer. i'm. jeal. ous.

  5. Beautiful photos! I fell in love with Vienna too. I've been dying to go back & I think I finally will get to in May. I'm very excited.


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