Friday, January 21, 2011

Fun France Facts Friday

From the interesting to the trivial to the the mundane to the hilarious, here's an ongoing list of things that I have come to learn or realize during my months spent in Lorraine, France. Come back next Friday for more.

1) Napoleon shoes were in fashion this year: When I saw one of Jacques-Louis David's version of this painting (Napoleon Crossing the Alps) @ the Belvedere in Vienna, one thing immediately stood out: THE BOOTS.

2) Chuck Norris is not only well known in France, but Chuck Norris jokes exist in French as well...and my students know these jokes by heart.

3) Baguette Radar: To us Americans who apparently consider donuts as our bread (yes, someone here in France thought that {a very educated person, I might add}), the word baguette can bring to mind something very typically French...which means it must be delicious as the French excel in everything culinary. Well, uhuhhuhhum, the baguette can really, really suck...and sometimes break a tooth. In fact, 95% of the time when I have bought a baguette, I would have rather had that feeding-the-American-stereotype-type-of-bread, aka a donut. Yet, whenever I am invited to eat with French people, the baguettes are always melt in your mouth delicious and the soulmate to the delicious french cheese that I also happen to be eating. So, how does this happen???!?!?! Why can my roommates and I not find the right baguette? We have tried various hours, various places, various cities. We could only come to one conclusion: we aren't French, and, therefore, were not born with BAGUETTE RADAR...dum, dum dum!!!!
Well, there's your 3 for this Friday. TGIF!


  1. This is so true for me, too! The Swiss have these weird, delicious kinds of bread that they always serve, yet, whenever we attempt to buy some new kind, it's always horrendous/funky.

    I laughed so hard when I saw the Chuck Norris joke...and Baguette Radar. So true.

  2. hahahah this is all awesome. baguette radar- I need that.

  3. This list made me smile.. especially the baguette radar. Do you think they have a special way to prepare it (e.g.throw it in the oven for some time)? i'm curious because i always get the hard ones too


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