Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kodachrome and Tunes Thursday: Neon Tambourine and Gillian Welch

Forlorn females. We've all been there. Some of us are still there. Photographed by
Neon Tambourine (aka Lukasz Wierzbowski). Based out of  Wroclaw, Poland, he is a freelance photographer. All photos are taken from his Flickr. I implore you to go and look at the others, because there are a plethora, and they're all break-taking. Now normally, I only post photography on Kodachrome Thursday, but with a name like "Neon Tambourine," why not include a Gillian Welch song, "Look at Miss Ohio?: I think the lyrics and song go with the feeling, even if Ohio and Wroclaw couldn't be more worlds apart...
"Oh me oh my oh, look at Miss Ohio
She’s a-running around with her rag-top down
She says I wanna do right but not right now"

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