Sunday, January 16, 2011

Le Dimanche au Musée: Kelly Reemtsen

I can seem to get enough of this theme: the damsels of the living dollhouse. The women of Hitchcock. The Betty-Drapers and the Mrs. Robinsons of the world. I love Kelly's paintings as much as I love Alex Prager's photography or as much as I love the film The Graduate.
All of these things bear the theme of the beauty that cracked.
Visit her site for more.

"She has it":

"I don't need a key to your house":

"I love you pills & candy":

"Short Leash":
"Always Putting out Fires"

"Spic 'n Span":
"I'm not falling for you":


  1. Ooo I love that last jumping one! These are very well done, I can just see them here in a gallery show in NYC!

  2. Ohhh these remind me of the old b/w movie Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte!

    PS - You have sexy Megan Fox eyes in your main pic my dear! I like!


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