Thursday, May 19, 2011

Design Spotlight: ADG and Their Music City Cicada Invasion

Recently at Nashville's Donut Den, I was introduced to the Anderson Design Group's witty Cicada Invasion design and memorabilia (magnets, bumper stickers), and I was searching for a good reason to post them on the blog, as I am a sucker for great graphic design and anything that makes me laugh.

Well, days later, I found a big, beagle belly full of reasons: my dog Millie. You see, like most beagles, Millie has an overeating problem, and I came back from just a few days spent in Murray, KY only to find that her stomach had inflated to a hilariously alarming size. I assumed she was being spoiled with people food, but my Mom said she hadn't even really fed Millie. Then we noticed she even stopped begging for our food.

Well, the other day, we found the culprit: CICADAS. Everyday, Millie comes back miserable, slothful, and, well, flatulent after 3 hours of gorging in the wilderness. This led us to google the problem and we found out that apparently Cicadas are the equivalent of doggie Doritos. You can't just have one. Or perhaps, more fitting: doggie Pringles. Once you pop, you can stop...until, well, Millie's belly pops. So, I know I can survive the Music City Cicada invasion with only a little side effects like Cicadas being stuck to my Nikes:

But the question is, will Millie survive?

You can buy the memorabilia at the Donut Den in Nashville, visit the Cicada Invasion Survival Guide, or find more of Anderson Design Group's great Nashville hatch-print graphic design on their flickr. For example here are some of my Nashville favs:


  1. I just saw these at the Donut Den by my work. I think I'm going to commemorating this horrible memory with a t shirt of my own.
    At least someone, and by someone I mean the dogs, are enjoying the cicadas.

  2. great post! I love good poster design and the guitar-shaped fly swat is awesome.
    I probably shouldn't have, but I laughed quite a lot at the mental image of your dog waddling home after a day of cicada-scoffing! who knew they were so tasty to dogs?

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