Thursday, May 26, 2011

France Post 1 Month

Exactly a month ago today, I arrived back in Nashville, Tennessee after spending six months in Forbach, France teaching English in a high school. It's been surreal being back, mostly because it feels like I never left. I experienced this a little bit the year before, when I did the same thing for 7 months in Sarrebourg France. However, this time around, the sentiments are more surreal. Was the 6 months in France a dream? Well, to prove that it wasn't, here's evidence from my last week in France/ surrounding areas (it was my best week ever in France).

Völklingen Ironworks: A UNESCO World Heritage Site


 White Water Rafting in Metz and then cookout afterwards at the Kayak Club:

in our sexy wet suits:

 Bitche, France
Bitche by day, Bitche by night:

Luxembourg :

Forbach, France
Awkward Family photos with all the assistants and my longchamp in the background:

 My "I'm getting the  F*** outta Forbach" dance:
 Paris, France:

I cried as the plane took-off. A tearful goodbye to France :(

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  1. Yay! I'm in France now. ^_^ Looks like so much fun. :)


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