Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Inspirationation: Kelsey Louise

Kelsey Louise is this weeks Inspirationation and she hails from Murray, KY (where my parents are from, where I went to college @MSU and where I've been visiting over the past few weeks.) 
 This is the first time I have listed someone I know for my Inspirationation post,
but it needed to be done for many reasons.

1. First, she has great style and thrifts like nobody else, finding the best treasures.

2. Then, with that style and savoir-faire for thrifting, she opened a store in Murray, KY 
called Revival Boutique. 

And guess what? Do you remember crazy 'ole lop-sided Roberta?
 Well, she lives in Revival Boutique...

3. AND if your not in Murray for her shop, she also has a killer Etsy  
where you can buy vintage treasures.

4. Next, with her store, she either brought and/ or brought out the style that was seriously lacking (or hiding) in Murray, Kentucky. She even started a little Murray Streestyle feature.

 5. Lastly, she's just an all-around pretty cool gal. We can listen to old country songs on The Willy 102.1 together and eat DQ blizzards.  Plus she's got a pretty great guy on her arm who even helps with Etsy!:

Find Kelsey Louise at That Old Time Feeling, Revival Boutique or Her Etsy!


  1. Oo i love all the outfits of hers you've posted. Those brown shorts are fabulous. Her shop looks really awesome too!

  2. Well, shucks, bud! You're quite the inspiring gal yourself! We shall see each other soon, i'll be visiting the big city in a week or two. And Michal, thanks very much for your compliments!


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