Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Streestyle Favorites: April

1) Camel Jacket:

2) Icey Blue:
3) Classic, Jackie Glamor:
 4) Funny fur and feathers:
 5) Jean short shorts:
 6) Leather shorts:
 7) Overalls:
8) Black and Cream:
9) Stripes:
 10) Fun tights:
 11) Varsity Prep:
12) Best Dressed Duos:
13) Wildcards:
 14) Hobo look:
 15) Mismatch:
16) Motifs: 
 18) ...And last but not least Creepy Mustaches are all the rage:
Photos taken from Street Style Websites: 


  1. love them all! and i think i'm going to give you a camel blazer from the 80s. it's been in the store all winter and no one has bought it, or really even tried it on. it's totally badass and now i realize you must have it!

  2. haha i have some friends who've been trying out the creepy mustache rage. it's hilarious.

    i think my favorites out of these are the overalls looks. i'm so excited that they're in style again.. it's like I can go back to being ten again! ^_^


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