Monday, June 28, 2010

Le Petit Echo Malade

I LuRV to laugh...and I LURV creativity.  Well, this is about two dudes who combine both of those loves in their blog, Le Petit Echo Malade.

Based out of Paris, Lorenzo Papace and Vincent Pianina (P&P) playfully recreate photos with outfits of well-known, heavily followed fashion bloggers. I can't wait to see what P & P do next, and how 2 guys recreate these intricate, feminine scenes. I love how detailed they get and wonder how in the world they find the proper setting and tools to recreate these outfits and photos. Their posts always starts with a politely put "Aujourd'hui, nous adorons trop..." (today we adore too and so.)  Therefore, they begin with more of an "homage to" sentiment instead of a "you are absolutely ridiculous for taking so many photos of yourself" motive. Either one I guess is an honor. Any press is good press, right? Anyway, they always include the original photo so you know what they are mocking.
For instance, Cocorosa...
...and Pandora...

... and Tavi...

...and Eleonore Bridge, la blog de la mechante...

Well, now it appears that the mockers have earned the respect and friendship of the mocked as this most recent post shows the two guys with Pandora in a lovely editorial:

...which combines my third love: decapitation...  Just kidding!


  1. these guys still crack me up and I've been aware of them for a while now. ha! I hadn't seen the "bird tights" spoof though! incredible!

    PS: cool that you've started an awesome Etsy shop! I've been working on mine for months and months ( secret! ;) ) but I'm not quite ready to go live yet.

  2. Ahhh, those guys are so funny! Thanks for reminding me about them :)

    Apologies for the link on my blog, it's now fixed so click away to your hearts' content!

    <a href=">tweet tweet tweet</a>


  3. rofl cool stuff. Good thing you don't know my blog so I won't be copied by you! ;)

  4. i absolutely Adore spoofs like these. . . these guys are hilarious and creative. . . amazing post!

  5. yo dawgie,

    I haven't looked at your post yet I just wanted to write back to you, so forgive me if I leave 5 comments after I look at it. It looked really cool as I was scrolling down but I wanted to absorb it in full..
    The jacket is Giambattista Valli

    xox Sea Sailor

  6. bahahahahhahhah!!! OMG I am so glad you found this! It can be so annoying, and I am so glad that you brought awareness to this epidemic of blogger cool.

    once again friend, love your freekin blog

    -marissa of the seaopolis

  7. hehe that's soooo COOL!! Loving Cocorosa's tights xD xxx

  8. Omg I love these guys! Haha, so brilliant. :D


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