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"Two Characters in Search of a Country Song"

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This is a vintage Stetson cowboy hat that belonged to my mom's uncle. He, along with my grandfather, were among 8 boys in the Whitford family. I never knew my mom's dad, because he died way before I was born. From Dover, TN, the boys owned a cattle business. My mother told me that my Grandfather always wore a cowboy hat, polished his cowboy boots and steamed his khaki pants every night,  and had the country music station playing constantly. I find these details fascinating, because, besides the slight Southern drawl, I don't feel country at all.

So, let's sum up what inspired this blog post:
  • my mom's stories of my grandfather and the Whitford brothers(above)
  • the Stetson hat
  • vintage finds for the outfit
  • an urge to do crazy makeup
  • rediscovered items hidden in my closet
  • recent Jack Daniel's intake and the adorable mustache Urban Outfitters flask
  • my burgeoning love of classic country music (even though I was born and raised in Nashville, I never liked country music besides Billy Ray Cyrus' "Achey Breaky Heart" and the autographed John Michael Montgomery CD for my 3rd grade b-day. However, over recent years, my heart has grown quite fond of alt-country, country noir and classic country. Loretta Lynn's Van Lear Rose is in my top 5 records of ALL TIME. And of course, I must mention Johnny Cash and Hank Williams.
  • trying to romanticize and embrace "Tennessee-ness" even though I am a full-blown city girl.
  • hat=Steston vintage
  • gold necklace=Southern Thrift find
  • cowboy necklace=bought in Paris @ The Dollhouse (not exactly a fashion store, but, nevertheless, here we are)
  • bracelets=Mom's old jewelry
  • top= leotard (no joke) from Southern Thrift
  • skirt=Free People
  • belt= Mom's closet 
  • boots= Andre from France).
I heart this mustache flask from Urban Outfitters:
Oh and here are crazy make-up upclose shots.
And I conclude with Tennessee still lifes, old pics of my grandfather, and Magnetic Fields song that sums up this blog post.
 "Two Characters in Search of a Country Song"
The Magnetic Fields

You were just like me
you were one big bruise
In the game of life with your playing too lose
You were Jessy James
I was William Tell
You were Daniel Webster
I was the devil himself

Two characters in search of a country song
Just make believe, but so in love
Two characters been listin' all night long
for voices from Nashville above


  1. well hats off to you!!

    puns over, love this post. ive been to america a couple of times with my bf and her parents and all they listen to in the car is K92fm, this crazy country station. i hated it at first but it started to grow on me and i quite like it now. johnny cash and mr williams on course though.

    i love looking at old photos, esp other peoples, some how they seem more interesting to me. you loook fab too, get wearing that hat

  2. great hat! Your outfit's the perfect blend of city/country.

  3. Oh i love that Stetson! And jack daniels is always inspirational ;)

  4. woohoo what a great prop set! I didn't start loving country music until college and now I love it, I couldn't get into the real twangy Reba stuff as a youngin' i'm loving the pop country nowadays.

    I gave the father of the family here in France a bottle of Green Label Jack in is now gone. Cheers for the South!

  5. this is so good to know this family history

  6. I love that gif! I also Loretta Lynn!

    I feel the need to go to TN every time I read your posts lately! I was born in Memphis but haven't been back since I was 1 year old (aka the 80s)I think it's time!

  7. uhh I like this! Powerful.
    Did you liked it? Thank you so much for your lovely comment. You can follow me on facebook too.
    Keep visit me
    Love, johanna


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