Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Selby--In Your Place

 It takes no genius to know that I really love The Selby, which is a site where Todd Selby (in photo above) takes photographs of creative, attractive types in their own habitat. He says he thinks it's successful because "[p]eople are nosy. Any time you can do something that taps into people's primal instincts in a new and novel way it is, I think, a recipe for success." When interviewed by Urban Outfitters, he said:

 Todd's quote makes me feel so much better about myself, personally, because my room looks like Tim Burton went to town while decorating it, and then spontaneously combusted all over the walls. Since I read the book on the left two years ago, I have been trying to simplify my life an my living space. And my experience living in Europe for 7 months with only a suitcase exacerbated those desires to "simplify" and get rid of junk....especially after staying with a family who practices feng shui. YET, it's so hard! And I fail at minimalism all the time...I have to really push against my natural inclinations to complicate. Although I really like this book and it changed my perspective dramatically, frankly, I wouldn't ever want to be friends with Elaine St. James (the author of the book to the left). She would bore the hell out of me if she really practices all these things in her book.

All that to say, The Selby makes me feel better about my quirkiness and failure to simplify like Elaine St. James tells me to.
But enough making this about me. Here are some of my favorite photos that he has taken:

Funny thing about The Selby, there are always photos of people with weird things on their heads:
Another funny thing about The Selby photos are the quirky nik-nacks that people have in their home:

And here are some photos of rooms 'n stuff:

Other fun things said by Todd Selby were found in New York Magazine:
Are there any trends you wish would come back?
Yes. Mismatched neon socks. Fluorescent shorts. Big hair. Greased-back hair. Basically anything to do with A.C. Slater.
What's something every woman (or man) should have in her (or his) closet?
Every person should have some have some good-looking skeletons in their closet.


  1. it's just so fasinating isnt it, i NEED the book!

  2. I'm just starting to go through all of my stuff! I'm trying to clean out everything I don't need. I can't stop collecting paper goods, like photos and posters to plaster all over my walls, or little souvenirs from wherever I travel to. Not materialistic or 'maximalist,' I think I've just gotta work on storage! Anyway. The Selby exemplifies moving a ton of stuff around in the most aesthetically pleasing way.

  3. the selby is awesome. you're right, minimalism is dull. more is more!

  4. aaahh I'm on fabulous picture overload these are so great! How's France since you got back from the States darling? I'm so excited I'm off to Paris this Sunday to see my parents for a week!! woo hoo!

  5. I wish Todd Selby were my brother.


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