Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shop the Past--Part 1

You wanna know the cheapest way to shop: THE PAST!!! Go back through your hidden clothes and realize that they came back in style...or that you can remix them. Yet, best of all, I went through my parents closet and found some goodies. So here is my outfit...shopped directly from the past (except the Zara skirt):
1) My Abercrombie and Fitch Button-Up. Bought way before the awful techno-music filled those stores.
2) Dooney & Burke vintage purse...was my big sisters when she was a youngin'
3) Vintage Lacoste belt! Definitely one of my favorite finds. It was my father's probably 30 years ago.
4) Doc Martin Hicking Boots: these were from my beloved Aunt. She loved her Docs!
5) My mother's sunglasses. How cute!?!?!
6) And my favorite find...the 24 karet-gold heart necklace of my mothers. I love things with hearts on them, because my middle name is "Hart," a family name.
And!! For those readers who don't have the very expensive Photoshop, I found a great online photo editor: Foto Flexer. That's how I achieved these "old photo" looks. Yet, here are some original photos to show the colors of the outift and these badass sunglasses:
And, before we go...I realized that I have NEVER posted my art. Yes, I paint (not much in the recent past). Her is one entitled by others the "yellow girl." She is my favorite. Truth be told, she isn't finished, but my family hung her up on the walls anyway! I painted her when I was 20. I will eventually share more art in other posts, yet this is all for now.


  1. girl! Post more paintings! Also, I love your purse.

  2. I'm totally with you on 'wardrobe shopping'! In fact I keep a whole wardrobe just with old clothes which get reviewed every view years. Very cool pictures! Photo Flexer sounds interesting. xoxo

  3. Good Lord, you PAINTED that?!? *is impressed* loving the outfit too :) xx

  4. I was wondering about that painting! I love her!

  5. Well you need to start posting more of your art, that painting is incredible!!


  6. i'd really like some hiking boots for winter. i still have my docs though


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